KD León Jacket (REX VERSION)

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The unitypackage file contains*:

  • Textures, PSD file has Black and Leather variant as layer
  • The KD León Jacket Model and its .blend file
  • Blendshapes for both Breathing and BreathingBelly, Blendshapes for Female and Muscle body types, Blendshapes for opening and closing the KD León Jacket, Blendshape thickening the KD León Jacket, Blendshape for FurCollar(disable its PhysBones when enabled) and a (seemingly universal) Blendshape to wear a plate carrier under the KD León Jacket.

*does not include the Plate Carrier from the already released TactRexPT2-ARMOR, you may use other armor vests

Appling Instructions (ModularAvatar Only)

Applying instructions (ApplyAccessories Only)

  1. Place the KD León Jacket prefab inside the avatar that you are working on, do this by drag and dropping the prefab from the project file, then drop it into the avatar in the hierarchy window.
  2. Move the prefab outside the avatar, unpack the prefab, move the PhysBones game object outside of the León Jacket prefab.
  3. Use ApplyAccessories v1.1.9 Standard to automatically parent the clothing to your avatar with Don't Reuse Bones turned ON.
  4. Put the PhysBones game object back in the KDLeonJacket game object the ApplyAccessories moved it inside the avatar for you.
  5. Set the Root Transform for the PhysBone found under Physbone>FurCollar to be Chest_KDLeónJacket, located under the chest bone of your avatar.

ApplyAccessories + PhysBone setup, the PhysBone has to be copied from the prefab and pasted onto here, while setting the size of IgnoreTransforms to 0 and setting Root Transform to the ChestBone of your KD León Jacket

MOCHIE shader is required for the MOCHIE preset.

POIYOMI shader is required for the POIYOMI preset.

The world displayed in the media above is Kurotori Photo Studio.

You may use this on an avatar that is public

Reselling or redistribution IS NOT ALLOWED

No Substance Painter Project, this is all modeled and textured in Blender 3D.

⚠ Commissions including the item is allowed but both parties must have the asset bought. ⚠

Discord Server for when help or feedback is needed, and to get announcements or updates of my products.

ver1 initial release
ver1point2 compatibility update for REXOUIUM v1.5-v1.6, prefabs now use .blend file. new tutorial uses ModularAvatar

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KD León Jacket (REX VERSION)

14 ratings