Yeager Hair for Rexouium

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Express freedom with this hairdo featuring a man-bun hairstyle for Rexes

Dynamic Bones Addon is REQUIRED for PC version for dangly bits

MOCHIE shader is required for the MOCHIE preset.

POIYOMI shader is required for the POIYOMI preset.

The unitypackage file contains:

  • .blend file
  • Textures
  • Hair model and its quest compatible version


To apply the overlay texture above, use a photo manipulator tool to have YeagerHairBodyOverlay layered on top of it. An extra clipping layer on top of YeagerHairBodyOverlay can be used to give color.

Same can be done to the YeagerHairDiffuse texture, a clipping layer on top of it with a solid color can be used to recolor the texture.


The world displayed in the media above is Kurotori Photo Studio.

This hair model may be used on other bases such as Nardodragons, clipping is to be expected until I have the base.

You may use this on an avatar that is public

Reselling or redistribution IS NOT ALLOWED

⚠ Commissions including the item is allowed but both parties must have the asset bought. ⚠

Discord Server for when help or feedback is needed, and to get announcements or updates of my products.

This is my first gumroad product, feedback is appreciated

ver1 initial release
ver2 dynamic bone collider has been readjusted
ver3 prefab position has been readjusted. new overlay texture for your rex to apply, this is optional but may make your hair look as if it was naturally there
ve4 folder restructured, all of my products that you own will be on its own folder (eg KADIS SK 3D WORKS > KADIS SK 3D WORKS - TactRexPart1). added blendshapes for condrak glasses, baseball cap(front and reverse) and helmet
ver4.1 conversion of dynamic bones of YeagerHair prefab to PhysBones

  • Polycount
  • Polycount (Quest)
  • Texture Res (can be downscaled in Unity)
  • Bones
  • Materials
  • Polycount9856
  • Polycount (Quest)1531
  • Texture Res (can be downscaled in Unity)4096
  • Bones29
  • Materials1


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Yeager Hair for Rexouium

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